Privacy & Safety

1 | Our store is committed to protecting

Your personal data while providing you with the opportunity to receive products and services. 
This policy describes the ways in which we collect personal data and the purposes for which we may use it. If you object to our use of your personal data in the manner set out in this policy, please email us at or contact us.
By using this website you acknowledge that you have read the terms of this policy and that you agree to our use of your personal data as described.


2 | What data could we collect from you

You may be asked to provide us with the following information
  • Your Shopping Mall Username
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
For some of the services supplied on our website you may be asked to provide further details. The information required, and the reason why we need it, will be explained at the time this information is requested.
We do not require your account password at any circumstances. If you have received email asking for your password for Mr. & Mrs. Sniff website access, please be careful as that email is a fraud or scam.


3 | Our use of Personal Data

a. To provide the Shopping Mall service to you. We will use your personal data to provide and improve our general service to you, to enable us to deal with any queries you have about our service, to notify you of any changes to our service and General User Conditions.
b. To send you information about our other products and services. From time to time, we would like to send you information about other products and services, which we offer, and which we believe you may be interested in. If you decide now, or at any later time, that you would like to receive such as your information, please inform us by e-mail.