Harness usage and care

    • To control pets for safety. It must use with a leash and also can use with our waste bag dispenser.
    • Please wear it fit with your pet's neck and chest. Don't wear it too tight or loose.
    • Please choose the right form, size for your pet and lifestyle.
    • Take a harness off when bathing or swimming. If your pet is in a safe area, please removed it. And keep away from moisture, heat, sharpness, and chemicals.
    • Check a harness condition before use. If a harness is damaged, please don't use it.



      • Please avoid the heat, moisture, chemicals, alcohol, perfume, and sharp objects that can make the product to be scratched or damaged.
      • If the product is dirty or wet, use a very soft and dry cloth to wipe it out gently and allow it to dry completely. To prevent stains and mold.
      • For paracord part you can use a very soft toothbrush or your hand with gentle soap water wipe the dust out gently and allow it to dry completely. To prevent stains and mold.
      • Keep it in a dry, not too hot, and ventilated place.
      • Clean it every time after use or at least 2-3 times a week.
      • Use leather and metal care products to keep your product beautiful and extend its lifespan. At least once a month.



      • Check a product condition before use. If it is damaged, please don't use it.
      • Please read and follow the product description, care, usage, caution, and warning carefully.
      • Keep a product out of the reach of the children.
      • Be careful not to let pets or children lick or chew or eat or swallow any part of the product. If your pets or children have swallowed it, please take them to the vet or hospital immediately.