Mr. & Mrs. Sniff - Our furmily story

Mr. & Mrs. Sniff - Our furmily story

Hello, Hoomans and paw friends.

We are Mr. & Mrs. Sniff - Creative contemporary items for every furmily.

A small group of passionate people who are fascinated and charmed by those cute, loving pets. We always enjoy the company of our four-legged buddies and find an activity to do together, because they are a part of the family. We love to take care of them and do good things for them. So, in 2015 we started to create things for our fur kids. Then created this brand in 2016, enthused by a small aspiration: to be able to spend more time with our adorable pets.

We put passion and devotion into each of our items, just like when we do it for a beloved person. Therefore, we’d like to share our love and dedication with other four-legged families who are similar to us. Hope you enjoy with your fur kids and welcome with a warm hug to our furmily.

What we create?

"We create a timeless style wearable art piece, Pet accessories, Lifestyle products, Home decor, Wellness, Community & lifestyle for every furmily"

Made with LOVE
STYLE and functional
For every FURMILY
Design & Inspiration
"Unique and outstanding design. Inspiration by our love to our furmily."
Develop & Mock up
"Develop a design and function process. And never stop striving to be better."

Pick Materials
"Genuine leather of high quality. The touch is soft and smooth, and it does not bother the skin."

"More than 36 production processes with meticulous craftsmanship in Bangkok, Thailand."

Packing &​ Ship worldwide
"Use more sustainable materials and less plastic in packaging. Shipping to all areas of the world."

Who are behind the brand?

Brand Ambassador
I'm the BOSS! You can't ignore me! I love to play ball-ball. If you love to play you can play with me, but if you don't you have to play with me either.
Brand Ambassador
Yeah, I know I'm the cutest. Welcome to our furmily. I will take care of you the best with my warm hug & super cute beam.
They call me a drama queen. The mother of Midgie daddy's girl. I love peace but if anything came to my area I'm always ready to fight.

Customer Service
Don't worry my beloved customers. You don't have to take a bath because I will lick your whole body instead. And it a free service!

I'm a daddy's girl. I love to sit on my daddy's lap alone. But sometimes my aunty Midnight tries to sit there with me. I don't like it when she does that.

My mom said I'm too scared of everything. But I think she wrong! I'm not afraid of food at all! C'mon food I will bite you till you disappear.


With love,

Mr. & Mrs. Sniff

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