Story behind the Musée collecion

Story behind the Musée collecion

Musée d'art - Museum of Art
From leather scraps to a work of art.

This collection is began by a simple though. We want to make the best use of our resources. For us, sustainable materials is not just what we use, but also include how we utilize them.

From a good-quality leather scraps leftover during manufacture. They can no longer be formed into enormous pieces.

To repurposed those leather scraps. We created this collection by combining our creativity with collage art techniques. And more than 36 production processes with meticulous craftsmanship in Thailand. We create this like an upcycle work of art that's not just stylish but also functional.

The color tone in the Musée collection. Inspired by a color combination of a famous art piece all around the world.

This collection is presenting a timeless style wearable art piece. Suitable for  dogs and cats. They can wear it everyday and anytime. It's a slow fashion, not fast fashion. You can mixed and matched this collection with other collection from Mr. & Mrs. Sniff.

I'm fast, but I wear slow fashion.
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